Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Gratefully Thankful...

My sweet friend Sara at Graphic Pretties has awarded me with this sweet 'Thank you'! Thank you, Sara...y'all need to jump over and check her blog out and her website! I would like to extend my thankfulness to:
Pea at Peapickers...
Annette at Huckleberry Arts
Cookie at Curds and Whey &
There are so many 'new' friends...but this will start me out!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A River Runs Through It....

Wow! Spring is trying it's hardest to push in...the river is finally thawing out and you can actually hear the geese flying overhead. This pic reminded me of it...but it's not our actual Prairie River...too bad! ha! It was so windy today but it didn't seem to keep the shoppers away from our booth! I stopped in today and we matched in sales for the day in what we had sold so far for the entire month! That was a nice surprise...sort of lights a match under you to keep on creating...

I'm working on some fun Mother's Day stay tuned! I'm planning a fun event for around the Fishing Opener, won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sew....What is 'Primitive', anyways....?

I have friends that think I am absolutely nuts with my obsession of making things look "old." I have a hard time explaining it, as obsessive as it is for me...but it just brings you back to a simple way of life. Kristal Norton from Rags N Tags, says it the best on her site... and I quote: " Why does everything look dirty and old? What is “primitive” anyway? If you are asking yourself these types of questions, let me try to explain a bit.
I like to think of “primitive” as an expression of history; generally post industrial revolution. During this time, people didn’t have money to just go out and buy what they wanted or needed; or even the materials to make it. Instead, they had to make do with what they had. For instance; using old/ripped clothes to make quilts, or using a glass as a base for a pincushion. Now, we look back at what they had made during the depression; and think of it as works of art; for they are part of our American history. Most pieces look like something a mother had made for her child at a time when the family couldn’t afford to buy a doll or toy. People who made these items weren’t necessarily skillful at what they did; they were more “works of love” than masterful works of art. Looking at an item made from this era; you can tell how much care and love was put into every stitch. Each button, each piece of lace or fabric was carefully chosen to complete their design.
Though the original artists may have lacked skill, it takes great skill to replicate their items. What we as modern artists are trying to recreate, is something that was essentially “made from nothing.” So instead of going out to the store and picking out what products we need to accomplish this; we also have to use what we have at hand, or use what we think they might have had; which is far more challenging. Another hindrance is that primitive art has an old or antique look; and vintage materials are not so readily available. In turn, modern artists have to begin with new materials, and recreating that antique patina can get a little tricky. Each artist has their own recipe for what they may call “the grunging process.” Some recipes will turn a fabric yellow; some make dark splotches... the goal being to make it look worn and old.
But why have we all fallen in love with primitive art? I think one aspect is that when you look at primitive art; it reminds you of home. It has a distinct feeling to it and you could tell it was handmade with love. It’s that one teddy bear, or that one doll that was so loved by a child, it was hugged and slept with until it was worn out. When we see primitive art, we think of our own cherished toys... it revives our memories, gives us comfort, and it reminds us of the simpler things in life. But most of all; it makes us smile."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things that smell good...

Also putting out my new shipment of votives from Briar Patch Primitives in bags of 4....nummy scents in Colonial Homestead, Keylime, Cranberry Spice, Buttermilk Biscuits and more! Check out the Itty Bitty Vacuum Gritties...these work great when dumped into your vacuum cleaner bag or use them as a sachet in your dressers! I do and they are wonderful!

New Rugs for Spring Re-Decorating!

I have some new rugs for those of you that have been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug, as I have. I have a 'spring/summer' color scheme and a 'fall/winter' color scheme. The pastels and brighter colors help draw the sunshine in after a long winter! If you can't find the time to stop out at the shop...check out our booth at Log Cabin Gifts. I am working on another booth, as well and will disclose that information at a later time!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!! He Is Risen!

Okay...this is what Easter is truly about. So that we might have life, abundantly!

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter and praying that you each would come to know that Jesus really gave his life for each of us! Happy Easter!

Happy Keester!

Isn't this the cutest!?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Horton Hears a Hoo-Ray!!!

We went to Horton Hears a Who and it was so great!!! Got a little choked up at the end, even! Shhhh.... Brought our buddy and 'adopted daughter' - Sarah....We LOVE Easter break!!! Finished up the night with a Good Friday service....we are good to go!

Reminiscing Rantings....

Reminiscing.... Take a look at this picture!! Who remembers when our Itasca County Hospital had looked like this? I do! What happened???? Now we have this "great" new facility...that cannot carry the main insurance carrier of our area and the former...historical building is vacant and deteriorating. ugh. What is wrong with our community?? Am I sounding a little opinionated??! Here is another picture. This was the infamous Blandin Beach! I remember it like this, too! Does this date me? There was a time when you could hardly find ground to lay your beach towel and now it has a reputation for being 'filthy water' and they've torn down the docks and rafts. There used to be life guards posted everywhere!! This is where I had taken my swimming lessons! I will have to post a newer picture of the two...soon, and compare. Too snowy, dreary and depressing...right now. Maybe that is why I'm in this frustrated frame of mind, too?? ha!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break!

We're here! Made it to Easter Break! We are looking at 6 days of no school and all Play!

Might not be gettin' too much done around these parts with my cherubs hovering around...but that's okay! We're going to hit a couple movies and have lots of 'friends' time! Sure hope we see some sunshine! We're needing some fresh air!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wishin' You Luck...

Top O' The Morning... it is snowing, AGAIN! ugh. I have a wee bit o Irish in me but my husband has much we are legal to celebrate! Hope you all have a great, green day!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Chick at 43??!!

Birthday festivities are at hand...the kids have made wonderful cards for me, an awesome chocolate cake with all kinds of SPRINKLES on it! The big, dreaded numbers '43' were adorned on top! ha! Lunch was at Applebees where, of HAVE to be sung to... so I drug our little babysitter along...since she is celebrating a birthday, too and could share my embarrassment! Waiting for our Sammy's pizza to arrive for dinner and then settle in for a long, winter's nap! Do I feel older? Hmmmmm.....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Dog Gone Good Time...

Soooo proud of my boys... they went on a long dog sled ride for Boy Scouts. It wasn't even above zero outside...and they hung in there, well, minus a few digits due to frostbite...but it was all worth it! ;0) Those dogs live to run.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Finally!! I've made more, folks! I have had emails on the site that I was all out at our booth. You're right! I brought 9 bags of these beauties to work and sold out, too! I stayed up till 2 a.m. the other nite...just for y'all. I made the darker, prim colors and the brighter colors, this time. Couple more bags of these will go to work in the mornin' and the rest will be at my booth at Log Cabin Gifts...gettin' ready for the big weekend! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ladies Night Out in Cohasset!

What can be better than kindred spirits??! These are my wonderful friends that love all things primitive or antiques! We decided to hit a new place, up yonder in Cohasset! Florios! Good food, good friends and a good time! This group of friends and I meet once a month for something fun to do....usually eat, mind you....but that's okay! We had planned on a photography class, but was cancelled. One month, we wandered over to Hibbing and encountered an auction that was truly, one of a kind! YES! We did find a few treasures! We've even gone as far as Yogi Bear Land in Wisconsin! Hit the Cranberry Festival and every antique shop and prim shoppe from here to there! You never know what is up our sleeve next! Join us! Angela, Connie, Michelle, Kathy and myself!

Let The Sun Shine In.....

O My I glad the sun is shining! One thing about Minnesota we are hurtin' for sun! Soooooooo glad we have Daylight Savings time, too...these days are a little longer....makes me feel like I have been allotted a few more hours to my day!! Lord knows...Momma's need more hours... Here's a recent fact I just heard and I'm stickin' to it: Midwesterners have a higher rate of cancers due to the lack of sunshine...that vitamin D is some powerful force! So...bring it on.... gonna pull up my lawn chair and stuff it in the four feet of snow out there....and face up to the sun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Must add my Monica...

I was getting dinner going and the thought hit me, "How could I forget my other daughter..." Meet Miss Monica... she is my sweet, little girl from Zambia, Africa. I have been her sponsor for half a year now and my goal is to get over there and meet her. I sponsor her via World Vison. She just turned 4 years old on Valentines Day! No wonder she is such a sweetie! She lives with her brothers and sisters with their grandmother. Both parents have died from please keep her and her siblings in your prayers that that horrible disease doesn't spread to them. She doesn't go to school yet, of course and helps raise their four goats and 14 chickens! When I was looking for a child to sponsor...she leaped out at me! I LOVE Africa. Once you'be been there, it literally haunts you to come back. Although we were in Zimbabwe for our honeymoon...Zambia sounds so much similar! One of my goals for 2008 is to make a little more $ and sponsor a little boy, as well! Check it out: World Vision

Cheering for my Cherubs...

This crazy little corner of the world ... I was told this is a good way to "express" myself. Lord knows I need to do that! I began my candle making/crafting a year after I married....1998 or so. I had been around my best friend, Heidi...who had been crafting since the mid-80's... but I was too caught up in the 'worldly things' and ventured off to sunny Florida! (My how I miss that sun, too!) Six years later, I came back to my roots and fell madly in love with the simpler life and all it holds! Sooooo... babies were soon to follow and all the more reason to stay home and create!! This has now just become a passion and no longer a needed addition to the income, but something I just cannot seem to let go of! 'Specially the people I have met via this Country/Primitive road that I have wandered!! I, now work part time for a local adoption agency and have found the other half of my destiny! Boy, if we lived in a larger shack...they'd all be comin' home with Momma! ;0) So, here's my all their glory! Sure am proud of these little cherubs!

Posting Primitive Patterns...

I figured it is about time to get my pattern supply out of the shop and on-line, to share with everyone! If you are tired of this crazy weather and need a few, fun projects...I have them! These artists are both from Minnesota!! Paper Bag Primitives designer is Lynne from Country By The Lake in Duluth, MN and out of Lindstrom, MN is designer Denise Fountain-Abbott - from Up in the Rafters!! They are all great and will be hard to choose feel free to purchase as many as you like from our web store!!