Thursday, February 28, 2008

Silly for Saturday!

I was going to be treated to a weekend away for my upcoming birthday...a scrapbooking weekend! Our sweet, little caboose (#4)...doesn't even have her baby book/scrapbook, started!! What a rotten mommy! So I was going to do a crash course and complete the almost...two years! Well, the little cherub has a double ear infection, so I have chosen to stay home...since Mommy is the desired holder at this stage in life...and relieve Kevin of his assigned duties of manning the shop for our monthly sale! Come on out...fresh baked cookies, warm, almond tea and me! ha! I have some great new bunnies for you to see and some savvy Easter eggs to fill your centerpieces!

Ranting about the River...

We're heading into a fun season of the year...when all things old, become new!! We still love the old, mind you...but sometimes, reproductions are so much fun! I will keep you updated on happenings on this side of the river as each creation appears!