Friday, April 11, 2008

Options to Ponder...

The day is getting away from me! Well, the snow fall wasn't quite as horrible as anticipated but we still cannot get out of our driveway! 'Been working on several different projects that probably will not be wrapped up until after the kid's bedtime! Two businesses have contacted me to carry my soy candle line and in addition to our booth at Log Cabin Gifts...I've been asked to consider a new spot in town, as well! So many decisions! I am considering closing the cabin and focusing on the two in-town locations, but keeping the web store. Let me know your thoughts!


Doreen said...

Hello Karen. Your blog is so pretty. sure do get some snow where you are!!!! Goodness!!! I thought we had a lot here in Vermont but it would get hit much worse. It's beautiful take wonderful pictures.


Karen said...

Doreen, thank you so much for the sweet words!! You know...we typically do not get snow like it is a little freaky! ha! I would love to get to Vermont! I'm sure it is beautiful there!! *Smiles* Karen

CraBBy GaBBy said...

first off thank you for keeping me in your thoughts..

Now, Personal opinion..a real brick and mortor store sounds awesome, as ebay sites and such can be slow sometimes...sounds like a wonderful adventure ;)
I seriously wish I could put stuff in a REAL store...but nothing to great around here or they want everything I do at half of my minimum which sounds like I better just take my chances on ebay ~

Karen said...

Hey Heidi...You are probably right. I tend to spread myself too thin at times between the different locations! lol. I wish I could 'train' people to call before they come out...that would work with the kids schedules!
Love your new avatar!! Is that you?? Hugs, Karen